Our mission is to cultivate transformation of humans and horses through wholehearted connection. We  apply our talents and experience as coaches on the ground and in the saddle with Liberty training, Horsemanship & Dressage to facilitate the alchemical journey of connection. The outcome of this invitation to wholeness; the promise, is a sense of belonging, harmony and flow in ourselves, and becoming leaders in our lives and in the world.

All through history the horse has been our loyal companion on journeys of exploration, conquest and even battle. Hence they have been portrayed as a vehicle of inspiration and empowerment for the human since ancient times: the caves of Lascaux in France, the portraits of the goddess-horse Epona in the British Hills, Pegasus and Bellerophon, the Centaurs, Alexander the Great & Bucephalus, Alborak, etc. Because of their beauty, their gentleness, their power and their willingness to follow, the image of the horse was augmented to mythical proportions, to the extent of being vehicles between the worlds; the material world and the spiritual world.

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